Team 10878

The Atonement Academy Pelicans

San Antonio, TX 78249
United States
Our team consists of Sean, Frank, Michael, Paulina, and Eduardo. We are the Atonement Academy Pelicans, Team 10878. the team has been working together since the first quarter of the school year. Something interesting about each team member: Sean is a plane enthusiast, and plans on becoming a pilot. Mason is an artist, Frank is a gamer, Michael plans on becoming a surgeon, Paulina plans on becoming an engineer, and Eduardo loves building things.
Team Research: 
The Pelicans researched skunks, and found that skunks often live in forested areas, but also live in areas near people. the Pelicans found that the skunks defense against predators is to raise its tail and spray any potential predators, driving them away.
Show Me Poster: 
Model Picture: 
Team 10878 built a model of a skunk, which lives in a habitat near humans. their habitat included a motorcycle, built by Eduardo. The skunk raises its tail when the motorcycle drives past; the skunk's ability to spray noxious fluid is a defense mechanism against predators. Team 10878 worked together on their poster, and Michael compiled their work from their google drive, matched the formatting, and printed the pages.

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