Tiger Robotics Jr. 2

San Antonio, TX 78214
United States
We are an amazing team because we work together! We always are helpful to others and to each other. We help other teams if they need our help during practice. At practice when we are building our model or researching we always have a lot of fun doing it. We cheer for other teams at practice or giving stickers to other teams. We are not selfish teammates because we want everyone to have a chance building or typing. This year we learned how to program and learned how to build different animals.
Team Research: 
We researched about Asian bears and honey bees. We learned that there is such an animal called the sun bear. These bears are unique because they do not hibernate. The sun bears have a really long tongue and love to eat a lot of fruit. They have sharp claws to grab the honey or other food items. We did not know much about sun bears or honey bees so it was a lot of fun using the computer and our library to learn information.
Model Picture: 
We had a lot fun building our model! The bears were really hard to make but we all used each others ideas to build two of them. The bears live in the rainforest so we built that and we put scientist in the rainforest with them. We all thought a waterfall would be cool to build so we put that in there too because bears need fresh water to survive too.

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