1 student was absent! haha. Her team had a great idea!

Tiger Robotics Jr. 1

San Antonio, TX 78214
United States
^^^^OUR TEAMMATE WAS ABSENT^^^^ We always work together as a team and have a lot of fun learning about LEGOs.Our team dose not argue with other teams or each other. Our team does not make fun of other our teammates because we all have good manners. We all tried our best to be at every practice so we could be there to help each other and learn about our animal.
Team Research: 
We got to use the computers a lot to learn about our animal and LEGOs. We all thought that was fun because we got to use computers and we think typing is a lot of fun. We did not know very much about cows so we had to do a lot of research to learn about them. We watched fun videos and read what information we found. Our coaches had to help sometimes with words we did not know because some of them were very big words. We watched videos about how to build with LEGOs and how we can make them move.
Model Picture: 
It was so cool watching some of the LEGOs move and we wanted to learn to do that with our model! We built a farm with cows, pigs, horses and farmers. We learned the little LEGO people are called minifigs. We used the information we found from the internet to put on our poster. The poster was a lot of fun to color and type up what we learned.

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