TLS # 1

Racine, WI 53406
United States
Our Team…would like to be this animal and why • Ryan, panther, they are smart cats and blend in with their surroundings • Elliot, lion, they are a top predator • Gia, wolf, related to dog and wouldn’t get eaten • Luke J, Labrador retriever, fast, strong, good sense of smell • Luke G, Dairy cow, doesn’t have to hunt for food • Alex, snake, can eat things whole • Coach Marcus, beaver, skilled and works hard all the time • Coach Adam, bird, so I can travel and see the world from above
Team Research: 
Bees and black bears share the forests, meadows and prairies. Bees pollinate the plants that provide the black bear’s food. Bees are now on the endangered list and people are helping bees by keeping hives. But bears sometimes destroy the hives because they eat the honey and larva. Beekeepers are using electric fences to protect their hives.
Show Me Poster: 
Model Picture: 
Our Model… Our model is a forest with a river, beehive in a tree, and a bear among other interesting things. Our model uses Lego We Do 1.0 and starts by pressing the down arrow. The bee flies toward the hive. A motor that turns a worm gear, which turns a spur gear, makes the bee fly. This gearing slows down the spur gear which is connected to a staff which holds the bee. The motor is stopped once the bee flies into the sight of the optical sensor. The up arrow brings the bee away from the sensor.

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