Team Unibees has five girls in third or forth grade.


Andover, MA 01810
United States
We are a team of five girls in either third or fourth grade. Our team name is Unibees, in which "Uni" means unique and united. We all love nature and we are curious to learn. We are also happy to help each other. Our team motto is "It's us, the Unibees!"
Team Research: 
Our team animal is deer, who lives in the same habitat as Elisa in the forest. We did research to identify three challenges faced by deer. Firstly, deer are hunted by people who want their antlers, meat, or just for fun. Secondly, deer are also frequently poisoned by eating corn because people put pesticides on the corn. Finally cars are crashing into deer while the deer are crossing the road. We then brainstormed solutions to these problems and made engineering plan to build lego model to explain our solutions.
Show Me Poster: 
The Unibee team made the poster showing deers and their habitat, how to protect deers,  our team photo and motto.
Model Picture: 
Deer and forest are our team's animal and habitat. Our models shows how deers can be protected from poison, illegal hunting and car crash.
We made the poster showing deers and their habitat, our team photo and motto, and challenges faced by the deer in forest. In our model, there are two police officers and a car with three hunters in it that want to kill the deer. The police will arrest the hunters and put them in the jail on the corner. The green and blue belt around the poisoned corn is the shock that prevents deer from getting close and eating the corn. There is also a motion detector on the road that will rotate to warn the coming cars to slow down when deer are nearby.

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