Showcase FAQ


Who can participate?

  • Only FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams registered for the 2016/2017 CREATURE CRAZE season may create team profiles.
  • Only an adult coach (over 18 years of age) may create a team’s profile.

How does a team become a part of the Showcase?
You must be a registered FIRST LEGO League Jr.  team to access to the Showcase.

What do teams do in the Showcase?
Registered and paid FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams are able to create an account, upload pictures, communicate with other teams to share what they have learned with others from around the world.  It is a virtual Expo experience!  Teams can also collect and award stickers with other teams.

When does the Showcase open and close?
Teams may begin entering profiles August 2016.  Deadline for profiles is April 2017.  Profiles will no longer be accessible for comments and sticker trading after April 2017.

Team Profilejrfll3

What is a team profile?
A team profile consists of two different parts.  The first part is a description of the team, team name, motto etc.. The second part allows the teams to provide a description of the research they have done for the Challenge as well as a description of their Show Me poster and LEGO® model.

How do we find a specific team?
Click on the “Find a Team” link on the left navigation.  You may search the team by the state, country, team name, or team number. 

How do we change our team name?
Change your team name within the registration system. The change will carry over to the Showcase for your team.


What is a sticker?
A sticker is similar to a real sticker, but given electronically!  Teams can award other teams different types of stickers.  Stickers will appear gray on a team's profile page until it has been awarded to them.  Once awarded it will be full color with an message from the giving team. 

Who can comment and give stickers?
Only registered and logged in FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams are allowed to comment on team profiles and award stickers to teams with profiles.jrfll7

How often can you award stickers? How many stickers can you award?
You can award stickers to as many teams as you want. However a team can only receive a specific sticker once. Be sure to write each team a message describing why you choose to award them a sticker. Teams can collect 12 stickers for the season. 

How do we give stickers?

  • As a logged in user, click on the “Find a Team” link on the left. 
  • Browse through the teams.
  • When you find a team you would like to give a sticker to, click on their team name to view their profile.
  • If stickers are colored, they have already been given to that team.  Gray stickers still need to be given. 
  • Click on any gray sticker that you think best suites the team.
  • A pop-up window will tell you the description of the sticker and will allow you to “award” the sticker and type a comment to the team.

How do we know if we have been awarded a sticker?
Team coaches will receive an email directing them to go to their team profile page. If a sticker is colored on their team page, it means you have been awarded that sticker.


How do we send a message to another team?

  • Find a team you want to message.
  • Go to their profile page.jrfll6
  • Scroll down under the “Who Gave Us Stickers” section on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on the “Send this team a private message” button. 

How do we report a message that may be inappropriate?
If you receive a message that you feel is either inappropriate or spam please click on the "Report this Message" button on the message. It will be sent to FIRST Headquarters.